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Who will benefit first in the new energy battery industry?

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2019/09/12 16:37
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Industry Status: The development strategy of new energy vehicles with hybrid power, plug-in hybrid power and pure electric vehicles as the main driving methods has become the industry consensus. At present, various countries, major enterprises and related supporting systems are all occupying the commanding heights of the industry. Efforts have been made, and relevant investment policies, consumption subsidies, and tax incentives have begun to be in place. China's new energy vehicle development has been highly anticipated. At all levels, it attaches great importance to the development of the new energy vehicle industry. It is also very optimistic about the future of China's new energy vehicles, and even optimistic about its prospects of "curving overtaking" and occupying the commanding heights of global industries. Under the guidance of national policies, new energy vehicles will move toward a consensus-based competition from a situation of arbitrage and contending, especially the trial operation of new energy vehicles in the taxi market, which will enable ordinary citizens to gradually recognize and accept. New energy vehicles are also conducive to the discovery of problems and solutions to new energy vehicles, which will help accelerate the development of new energy vehicles. However, in view of the fact that new energy vehicles are still in the promotion stage, it is difficult for new energy vehicle manufacturers to contribute large profits in the short term. The author believes that the beneficiary enterprises are more from new energy vehicle batteries and supporting facilities enterprises.


Analysis of profitability of various industrial chains. The volatility of profitability in all aspects of the battery industry is relatively obvious. In general, the downstream sectors, such as batteries and electrode materials, have a downward trend in profitability. This is an obvious manufacturing feature; Mineral products, smelting, etc., the correlation between profitability and raw material price fluctuations is large, which is obvious characteristics of the mining industry; the upstream part, especially the mineral resources, has relatively high profitability. Although there are still many factors that determine the profitability of different links, the pros and cons of profitability can slightly reveal the key links related to batteries, which should be the focus of investment. Under the circumstances that the new energy battery is strongly driven by the strong support of the policy and the rapid development of technology, the charging station network has a pioneering opportunity as a pioneering industry. At present, the State Grid has integrated electric vehicle charging stations into the unified planning of smart grids. It is the first to announce that it will build a network of charging stations in 27 cities across the country in 2010. The Southern Power Grid is also paving the way for the construction of charging networks. The construction of the emerging charging station market will bring about an annual market capacity of 1.4 billion yuan for charging equipment, and the market size will be 6.8 billion yuan in the next five years. Charging equipment includes fast charging machine, slow charging machine and AC charging pile. Usually, one charging station contains at least 4 fast charging machines and 16 slow charging machines. Take Shenzhen as an example, according to "Shenzhen New Energy Automobile Industry Plan". In 2009-2015, 250 charging stations and 12,500 charging piles will be built. A total of 500 million yuan of equipment will be purchased, of which the value of charging equipment is about 339 million yuan (excluding transformer and power distribution equipment); if 20 pilot cities across the country follow this standard Construction, and considering the price reduction factor, the industry's market capacity will be around 6.8 billion yuan in the next five years, with an average annual market capacity of about 1.4 billion yuan. The huge market capacity will bring booming business opportunities to equipment suppliers.


Analysis of key stocks. Autox is the only listed company in the a-share market that can provide complete solutions for power distribution, charging, monitoring and billing systems. Its high-frequency switching power supply charging module (the core component of the charging station) has the largest capacity in the country. Horizontal, it can provide a fast charging machine with a maximum charging current of 600a. The company cooperated with China Southern Power Grid to complete the supply of equipment for Shenzhen Universiade Center, Harmony two electric vehicle charging stations and 134 charging piles, which has outstanding advantages in China Southern Power Grid. In the future, the company will cooperate with the State Grid to enter the charging stations of pilot cities such as Tianjin, Xi'an, Nanchang, Wuhan and Hefei. The company has mastered core technologies, has first-mover advantages, and has strong network resources among provincial power companies. It is expected to gain a large market share in the initial stage of charging network construction. The company's current annual revenue is about 160 million yuan. In the face of an emerging market with an annual average of 1.4 billion yuan, the company's performance is relatively flexible. At present, the static valuation of the stock is slightly higher, but given its good development prospects, it is given an “overweight” rating.

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