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Tel:+86 756-5161939  Fax:+86 756-5161389
Add: 4/F & 5/F, Building A-1, No. 138, Qingnian Road, Hongqi Town, Jinwan District , Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

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Zhuhai Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sales of

energy storage battery, base station power supply, EV battery and digital battery. It has been committed to providing various professional power

solutions for customers. The products are widely used in communication base stations, solar & wind and street lights energy storage system, home

emergency backup power system, light electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric tricycles, golf carts, yachts, power tools,

Bluetooth Speakers, digital applications, etc. The company's service network covers the whole country and its products are exported to Europe,

America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, etc.


Adhering to the business philosophy of "service, team, profession and high efficiency", Zhuhai Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to 

be the world's most competitive green new energy supplier and leading brand. The company gathers numbers of people with real ambition in the

industry, who are down-to-earth, hard working, created one miracle after another. All the creators of Sunshine Energy are determined to create value

for customers through their own efforts with excellent quality, timely delivery, perfect service and competitive prices.

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